Vintage dreams are landing in Lebanon with Nabil Al-Khoury and Anthony Sargon, co-founders of the country’s only comic shop for out-of-print collectibles.

The Comic Stash sells comics from the 60s and beyond at prices that range from four dollars to several hundreds, attracting both casual and die-hard fans who usually find themselves empty-handed when seeking material to buy in Lebanon.

Teaming up with Nabil Al-Khoury, co-founder Anthony Sargon risked it all by leaving his New York corporate job around a year ago. He returned to Lebanon with a massive stash of classic comics, and the prospect of opening Beirut’s very first vintage comic shop.

Although a shop has yet to open, Al Khoury and Sargon are gathering funds and making a name for themselves within the community by selling comics in book events and exhibits throughout the city. They are also organizing a series of events, with the most recent being a workshop held on January 25 to discuss DC movies produced by Warner Bros.

According to Sargon, the growing Lebanese comic book community is responding positively to The Comic Stash. The co-founder attributes their rising success to the Stash’s exclusive collection of books, the lack of competition, and their genuine love of the art.

“We try to let our passion shine through since we don’t see ourselves as just a business,” said Sargon, “It’s about community and culture.”